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About Us

In 2013, the headquarter of ALGOL Instrument CO., LTD. moved from Taipei to picturesque Yuemei, Dasi District in Taoyuan City and in the meanwhile established the Gyo Museum there for its known symbol of Dasi District. Employees work in a comfortable environment, and in the meanwhile, enjoy quality of life experience.

ALGOL Instrument CO., LTD. is a professional importer and manufacturer of precision instruments. It was founded in 1985, and has been in small load test machines for 32 years.

Products / Services
Mechanical/Digital Force Gauge
Motorized/Manual Force Gauge Test Stand
Load cell, Force Sensor
Key Tester
Keyboard Key Tester
Torque Tester
Spring Testing Machine
Fatigue Testing Machine
Tesnsile Testing Machine
Load Testing Machine
WESTWECH Vibrating Parts Aligner

Management Philosophy
"Quality is life."
There are showrooms for various types of test instrument in the headquarter, and available for urgent testing and trial service demand from customers any time.

ALGOL Instrument CO., LTD., have been supported and trusted by our customers. ALGOL is not just a brand in Taiwan, but also in mainland China and even around the world. ALGOL will keep devoted herself to quality and excellence in precision measurement technology, and to the society as well."


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